Thursday, September 29, 2005

Welcome to MMOLife

"Nothing in Nature is random. ... A thing appears random only through the incompleteness of our knowledge."
~Benedict Spinoza

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

I am beginning this blog as part of a class project for Philosophy 115: Computers and Reality at San Jose State University, with Professor Rudy Rucker. The class focuses on the philosophy of universal automatism, the idea that everything is a computation.

Computations are not necessarily simple cut-and-dry 2+2=4 recipes. Our world is full of elaborate and complex computations: take genetics for example, in which the correct combination of 4 different proteins, executed within the cells of a living being, can result in drastically different results!

MMOs - Massively Multiplayer Online games - are a simplistic model of such a computational world, in which the execution of thousands of lines of instructions results in a 'persistent-state-world' for players around the globe to interact with each other and live out virtual lives if they please. It's not too unlike some themes in popular sci-fi media: The Matrix, Star Trek's holodecks, the world of Disney's Tron, etc.

There are many parallels between the MMO universes and the 'real world', differing especially in the degree of complexity, as well as the artificiality of the digital realms. However, if universal automatism is correct and everything truly is a computation, then we may be part of the ultimate MMO: life itself.

I'd like to explore some of those parallels here and tease out some of the implications of 'Life: The MMO' as an analogy of universal automatism. I may differ in the degree of complexity since I plan to use some MMO gaming lingo at times instead of precise scientific or philosophical terminology, and if my analogies suffer from reductionism, that is more the fault of a student's learning rather than a flaw in the concept. At other times, I may borrow from other philosophers, writers, and thinkers in order to analyze where my mental journey is leading me.

As a preliminary disclaimer to the rest of this blog, these are not my personal views on the ultimate nature of the universe, but just the impotent mental ejaculations of a philosophically-minded student trying to make sense of an idea. If any seeds planted here come to fruition in your mind, I invite you to comment and help me make sense of this computational world that I am exploring.

On the other hand, if I sound like I'm full of it, I probably am.


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I like it already

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Cool, thanks for stopping by!

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